Nordic semiconductor nrf51 RF SoC

Just started some Bluetooth Smart / BLE developing and prototyping on nrf51 RF SoC from nordic semiconductor’s and must say that I like it :-)

It’s an System on Chip that contains an Arm Cortex M0 microcontroller, 2,4GHz transmitter for BT smart, ANT, Gazell or other proprietary protocols.

Excellent hardware, sdk and support, visit their devzone or site for more info. :-)

Looking forward to see what nrf52 brings and what it will do with the value of my shares in Nordic Semi ;-)

All I know about the nrf52 is that is ultra-low power based on 55nm and will be manufactured by TSMC.
More news will be released 17. June…..

BTW: nordic is based in Trondheim my home town :-)