Norsk forum for tusenkunstnere og makers

Da er jeg igang med et prosjekt jeg har ruget på i noen år, men ikke har fått ut fingeren og startet med før nå: Et norsk møtested / diskusjonsforum for tusenkunstnere og makers. skal bli ett norsk møtested og diskusjonsforum for makere, skapere, oppfinnere, mekkere +++

kjært barn har mange navn, vi samler de under betegnelsen tusenkunstner!

Det skal være stor takhøyde, man skal være hjelpsom og dele på kunnskap.

Ta gjerne kontakt med meg om du har lyst til å bidra, jeg trenger all den hjelpen jeg kan få :-)


This post informs that i’m working on an norwegian site / forum for makers and tinkerer’s


Adding unsupported IP camera to Lenel NVR?

Working in the security industry for some years I have collected some old hardware that i’m now installing at our house, both for security and for fun..

It also helps me keep track of my boys who are active, I mean…really, really active and it’s hard to watch both of them when we have “playground” all around the house. An video surveillance system gives me an overlook and helps me check and alarm if they “run away” :-)

I had some old IP cameras that wasn’t supported in LNVR(Lenel Network Video Recorder) that after some “hacking” of XML files for configuration could be used.

By studying XML files for other cameras and looking into the camera and streams and I managed to get the camera up and running.

The XML files are stored in: C:\ProgramData\Lenel\LNVSuite\Caps\Camera\

PS! As this is not supported I don’t recommend doing this with systems that are important to you!

To get the camera up and running I made the XML below. It’s possible to add more features to make an more advanced integration, but this is all I need to get the video stream.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CameraCapsGroup xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="CameraCaps.xsd" ver="5.0">
 <CameraCaps id="Unsup1">
 <!-- QUALITY-->
 <CmdParam id="ForceHttpBasicAuth" type="int" default="1"/>
 <CmdParam id="FrameRate" type="int" default="8" setcmd="getvideo" start="1" end="8"/>
 <CmdParam id="Resolution" type="intxint" default="1280x1024" setcmd="getvideo">
 <CmdParamEnum cmd="1280x1024">1280x1024</CmdParamEnum>
 <!-- QUALITY -->
 <Command id="getvideo" protocol="HTTP/1.1" mode="GET" subprotocol="CGI" body="cgi-bin/cmd/encoder?GET_STREAM&amp;VIDEO_RESOLUTION=N640x480"/>

The next surveillance project is to get some outdoor housings from ebay and make an outdoor Raspberry Pi IP CAM.

I also have an old analog system with a geovision capture card that I probably will connect, I don’t see any immediate problem streaming from Geovision software to LNVR but time will show.

If there is anything you need to know, leave a comment :-)

Nordic semiconductor nrf51 RF SoC

Just started some Bluetooth Smart / BLE developing and prototyping on nrf51 RF SoC from nordic semiconductor’s and must say that I like it :-)

It’s an System on Chip that contains an Arm Cortex M0 microcontroller, 2,4GHz transmitter for BT smart, ANT, Gazell or other proprietary protocols.

Excellent hardware, sdk and support, visit their devzone or site for more info. :-)

Looking forward to see what nrf52 brings and what it will do with the value of my shares in Nordic Semi ;-)

All I know about the nrf52 is that is ultra-low power based on 55nm and will be manufactured by TSMC.
More news will be released 17. June…..

BTW: nordic is based in Trondheim my home town :-)

Hello world!

Relaunch of my blog.

Changed domain and relaunching my blog.

From now on most of my post will be in english, which is not my native language so Bear With Me and comment if there are some errors that you just can’t pass.

I learn by doing….

Hopefully I will manage to post more frequently than in the past :-)